The Magpie Arc 7.30pm 28 May 20

  • £22.00

The Magpie Arc is a new cross-Border band out of Sheffield and Edinburgh featuring the multi-award-winning talents and wide musical influences of Nancy Kerr, Martin Simpson, Adam Holmes, Tom A Wright (The Albion Band and Ashley Hutchings Morris-On Show) and Alex Hunter (Adam Holmes and The Embers).

Formed as an idea, then some phone calls, then a get together for a discussion, and finally the obligatory studio jam, the musical possibilities of this band being something special and unique in today’s UK folk scene became obvious very quickly.

And “a band” it is! It’s not a project, there’s not a theme and there’s not a commission. It’s five musicians in a room making an enthusiastic noise. Sometimes very loudly.

There will be new songs. There will be some great (and maybe unusual) covers and there will be reworked traditional songs. There will be folk, and there will very likely be blues. A bit of country, there may even be some rock 'n' roll.

Whatever happens, it will be a musical mix of everything you could expect from such a line-up, from lush harmonies to intricate electric guitars, gorgeous fiddle lines and rock solid bass and drums.   

Writing and rehearsing over the next three months, the band are recording their first album early next year, and this will be released to coincide with summer festivals and an autumn UK tour in 2020.

The Magpie is taking flight, and you can keep up to speed with all band news by following us at our new social media sites…

Facebook - @themagpiearc

Twitter - @themagpiearc

Instagram - themagpiearc


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