Deep Mind & the Great Puzzle   7.30pm 20th March

Deep Mind & the Great Puzzle 7.30pm 20th March

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Operating Theatre will be presenting their new work developed in response to the CANDO project at Ushaw Historic House, Chapels and Gardens on Friday 20th March at 7.30pm titled Deep Mind & the Great Puzzle, the piece takes audiences into an imagined world of the future. 

Quantum computing has helped eradicate most disease. The United Nations has finally adopted the Fourth Age Charter and the lucky few who can afford it live happy, healthy lives. population dip has brought with it undeniable benefits. The world is a greener, cleaner place. They promised us conflict resolution and they delivered. And yet, some people have the audacity to question their motives. In the future will we be able to call ourselves human?  Will we want to?

The play will be performed during Brain Awareness Week. The performances will be followed by a post-show discussion of the play and issues raised.

Tickets are available on a Pay As You Feel basis with all profits going to Epilepsy charities.

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